The endocrine-humoral mechanisms regulating spear sex function are supported beside the testicles-pituitary-hypothalamus method, and the production of fertilizing substrates and trophism (cellular nutrition) depends on the level of copulation hormones.
The defeat of the frontal lobes can be the follow of trauma, intoxication, cutting circulatory disorders (stroke), as a come to pass of which innervation stops and there is a discoordination of subcortical centers, including those that control reproductive function.
This occurs with the participation of neurohumoral factors, the somatic and autonomic flustered systems, through which the cortex is connected with the subcortical centers.
The frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex dominance fleshly behavior and other functions of the genital organs.

Diencephalic and cortical types of impotency are associated with mental disorders caused nigh lesions of the corresponding areas of the cerebral cortex. The authority over of the functioning of the spear reproductive system is carried incorrect with the resist of the frontal lobes, the sympathetic and parasympathetic perturbed system, endocrine-humoral mechanisms and gender hormones.

Depending on the typeface of frailty, additional symptoms are superimposed, associated with a abusing of the organs and systems that caused this genre of impotence. So, recompense case, with ineptness of the neuroreceptor type, patients kick of annoyance in the move abdomen, in the zone of ??the penis, bleeding of varying power, fever, and more. With debilitation of spinal genesis, patients are to a limited or thoroughly immobilized well-earned to diseases or injuries of the spinal cord.

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Patients complain of a dearth of sex lecherousness, panoramic weakness, the impossibility of both natural and enough erections.

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Way, the somatogenic scenery of carnal disorders becomes proper with damage to on the brink of any organs and systems.

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And anticipated to the shut down interconnection of the organs and systems of the male body with the genital zone, psychogenic disorders that obtain existed suited for a extensive habits can contribute to the occurrence of structural lesions of the structures that control carnal function...

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However, with neuroses, which are the justification of erectile dysfunction, other organs mature the niche of least intransigence: the desire (peptic bane), the heart (angina pectoris), and others.

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Until recently, it was believed that around 70-90% of animal disorders come up in connection with psychogenic factors. How, a few years ago, views on the causes and process of impotence have changed. Most authors let in that 60-80% of disorders of the manful reproductive system are the conclusion of disorders of the somatogenic disposition (natural diseases). According to ICD-10, impotence, in set off to erectile dysfunction, is exclusively of fundamental origin.
Frailty (from Latin impotens - powerless) is an last station of erectile dysfunction, characterized by a complete deficit of erection, that is, the necessary stiffness, bulk and straightness of the penis, which is demanded in regard to carnal intercourse.

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What is impotence? We will analyze the causes of occurrence, diagnosis and methods of treatment in the article at near Dr. Medvedev S.V., a urologist with 32 years of experience.

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If in men over and above 50 years of age problems in bed are most often endocrine in properties, then at a younger era the ground of the disorders can be spinal powerlessness, wide the symptoms and treatment methods of which everyone should know.


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Erectile dysfunction can strengthen with a view a heterogeneity of reasons. In adulthood, the materialization of a imbroglio is ordinarily associated with a malfunction of the vascular set - the blood flow to the penis and scrotum decreases and its outflow increases.


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Ineptness in paradigm 2 diabetes mellitus is a consequence of a assault of a number of processes in the corpse apropos to exorbitant sugar levels and a be deficient in of insulin.


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The disappearance of male power is often unavoidably linked with diseases of various origins.